How To Control High Blood Sugar Levels Before And During Pregnancy?

Do you have high blood sugar? Are you thinking to conceive a baby? When you have high blood sugar or diabetes [Gestational diabetes], then preconception planning can significantly help you a lot in giving birth to a healthy baby.

If you are suffering with high blood sugar, then it is quite common for you to get anxious about the risks and complications associated with your pregnancy. But, don’t worry; here is good news for you.

If you succeed in controlling your blood sugar levels of your body before or during the pregnancy, then it becomes very easy for you to avoid all the odds involved in having a healthy baby.

Ensure healthy body condition before you try for a pregnancy!

Before you try to conceive, consult your personal physician or gynecologist for a simple physical exam. Try to discuss about your interest in pregnancy. If you are on oral diabetic medications, then it becomes necessary for you to take insulin or your will recommend to make out certain changes in your diabetes treatment plan.

So, if you have high blood pressure or any other pregnancy complication, then immediately seek right medical treatment before you try to get pregnant.

Implement these particular blood sugar control methods during your pregnancy!

Although if you are not confirmed with any complication involved in your pregnancy because of high blood sugar level, it becomes very essential for you to practice various methods to control your blood sugar levels. Certain recommended methods to control the blood sugar levels in your body mainly include:

  • Limit the intake of sugar: Try to limit or completely restrict yourself from consuming sugar and its products. During your pregnancy, sugar is quickly absorbed into your blood and usually needs a larger release of insulin to maintain normal levels of blood sugar in your body. So, try to prefer those foods, which are low in sugar content. You can drink healthy vegetable juices such as carrot juice or tomato juice.
  • Concentrate more on complex carbohydrates: These complex carbohydrates include vegetables, breads, whole grains such as cracked wheat and brown rice. Carbohydrates can significantly help you in supplying a plenty of energy, but they usually take longer time to digest.
  • Include adequate physical activity: Include physical activity in your daily routine, which can significantly help you in keeping your blood sugar levels in control.

Apart from practicing these particular methods, try to maintain a balanced diet with low fat. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks evenly throughout the day. Try to consult your personal physician regularly and take necessary steps to maintain better health during and after your pregnancy.