Dysphagia: Most Serious Form Of Swallowing Disorder!

Occasional difficulty in swallowing is not at all a cause for concern and it usually takes place whenever you try to eat food too fast or when you don’t chew the food properly.

But, persistent difficulty in swallowing food can become a warning sign for any underlying illness in your body. This kind of difficulty in swallowing food is commonly termed as dysphagia.

If you have difficulty in swallowing, you can also feel some sort of pain in your throat, while swallowing the food. With this condition of dysphagia, swallowing food, saliva, or even liquids can become quite tough task for you.

As a result, eating can become a great challenge for you and more often, dysphagia makes it difficult for you to supply enough calories and fluids that are very essential in nourishing your body.

What makes it hard for you to swallow?

Dysphagia usually takes place when there is a problem with any part of your swallowing process. If you possess weak muscles in your cheek or tongue, it becomes a hard task for you to chew or move the food around your mouth.

Certain other reasons, which can make the process of swallowing difficult for you can include inability to initiate the swallowing reflex. This kind of disability to initiate the essential reflexes is often due to nervous system disorder or stroke.

Is Dysphagia condition serious?

More often dysphagia is considered as the most serious health condition. If you have problem in swallowing the food, then your healthy food consumption levels will be drastically reduced. When your body lacks adequate amounts of proteins and minerals, it becomes quite difficult for you to maintain better health and also an ideal weight.

At times, when liquids or foods enters into the windpipe of a person who is suffering with dysphagia, then coughing or clearing the throat cannot eliminate the stucked food particles in the windpipe. If this food particle stays persistently in your wind pipe, it enters into your lungs and aids in the growth of harmful bacteria, which can result in serious lung infection.

Is there any way to avoid this condition?

Eliminate all kinds of unhealthy eating habits and develop good eating habits that can help you a lot in preventing these types of swallowing disorders in your life. Try to follow these simple tips while eating or drinking in your regular routine.

  • Sit in appropriate position while eating.
  • Develop conscious eating habit and never distract yourself towards various issues while eating or drinking.
  • Eat adequate amount of food which satisfies your hunger and never attempt to eat more than your eating level.
  • Swallow food in specific frequency and avoid eating faster than your pace.
  • Drink plenty of liquids and try to prefer soft foods instead of going for hard ones.

These are certain healthy eating habits. Implement these healthy habits in your regular routine. Whenever you find any kind of difficulty in swallowing food or liquids frequently, then immediately try to consult a physician and try to seek better attention, to avoid further complications [Bad eating habits to avoid in your life].