What Happens If You Fail To Recognize The Early Stages Of Esophageal Cancer?

Cancer of esophagus is a tumor, which actually begins its growth in the inner lining of the esophagus tube.

Esophagus is a 10-inch long tube that connects your throat and stomach.

You can identify this esophageal cancer with a strange sensation of food stuck in your throat or chest, which certainly occurs when the cancer is in advanced stage.

Tobacco, alcohol, infections, health disorders and other types of cancers (if present) in your body eventually aggravates the condition of esophageal cancer.

If you fail to identify the esophageal cancer in its early stages, then it can possibly lead you to many fatal conditions of health.

So, identifying esophageal cancer in early stages is very important to avoid further health complications in your life. It is quite impossible to recognize specific signs and symptoms caught up with this esophageal cancer, particularly in early stages of development of cancer [Treating esophageal cancer].

Risk factors of esophageal cancer in advanced stages:

When esophageal cancer advances, this tumor eventually blocks the esophageal tube and gradually makes your swallowing process much difficult task for you.

Some of you can feel more difficulty in swallowing your own saliva, probably when your cancer is in advanced stage. Certain other complications associated with this esophageal cancer can considerably include:

  • Tracheoesophageal fistula: You can experience this particular condition when the tumor creates a hole between your esophagus and wind pipe. Due to this hole, you can experience severe cough and gagging whenever you swallow anything including saliva. This particular condition of esophagus usually require surgery or it becomes very essential for you to use a stent, in turn to prevent liquid or food entering into wind pipe and lungs.
  • Undesirable weight loss: It is actually believed that almost half of the people with tumor in their esophagus tube typically experiences severe loss in overall weight of the body. If you experience such kind of drastic weight loss, then you can experience severe weakness and fatigue.
  • Metastasis: This is the most serious complication associated with esophageal cancer. Because of the reason that most of the esophageal cancer cases are discovered at advanced stages, the tumor in the esophagus gradually spreads to nearby lymph nodes and even to the other parts of your body such as lungs or liver.

So, always it is better for you to get regular physical check ups of your health. This frequent physical exam of your over all health condition can help you to prevent all kinds of underlying health complications in your body.