Prostate Cancer Treatment May Become Failure With Diet High In Saturated Fat!

In the online version of the International Journal of Cancer, Dr. Sara Strom and associates evaluated the association between saturated fat intake and biochemical failure among men who underwent radical prostatectomy (RP).

Men who consumed high saturated fat diets (HSF) were younger and had higher BMIs at diagnosis than men who consumed low saturated fat diets (LSF).

There were statistically no significant differences in clinicopathologic characteristics, family history of prostate cancer, education, history of diabetes or physical activity between the 2 groups.

Men who were both obese and ate HSF diets had the shortest biochemical failure-free survival (19 months) and non-obese men on LSF diet had the longest (46 months). The data from the model were not altered by the inclusion of amount of physical activity performed by the subjects.

More Information can be found at: ScienceDaily