Know How Increased Levels Of Exercise Can Exacerbate Tendonitis!

Inflammation at any portion of your body joints, especially tendons, leads to tendonitis, which can be identified with mild swelling, tenderness or pain at the affected area of your body.

These tendons become inflamed because of several reasons, which can include your daily physical activities or hobbies like gardening, painting, tennis, skiing, raking, etc.

Anyone over 40 years of age can get tendonitis. As tendons age, they become weak and loses ability to tolerate excessive stress. They also lose their elasticity and become easier to tear.

Any portion of the body, where the tendon normally connects bone to a muscle can become inflamed due to over stress, resulting in tendonitis. Some of the most common areas or parts of the body which can get inflamed due to over use include elbow, base of your thumb, knees, shoulder and Achilles tendon.

Increased levels in regular exercise routines mainly contribute to tendonitis!

Most common cause for tendonitis is mainly due to over use of body joints. Usually many of you, who are in initial stages of regular exercise programs, are more prone to experience tendonitis. Sudden increase or starting with increased levels of regular exercise routine can aggravate the condition of tendonitis.

Whenever you start with an increased level of exercise program, your tendons become unaccustomed to the sudden new level of demand and this uncertain or over use of tendons will lead to inflammation and your action of pulling muscles becomes uncomfortable and irritating, leading to tendonitis.

Age related changes in tendons:

When your tendon age, it offers very less tolerance towards extreme stress and loses its elasticity. As a result, the ability of tendon to glide as smoothly as they used to before will gradually reduce.

The exact cause for these age related changes of tendons is not completely understood and it can be due to certain changes in your blood vessels, which are the main sources for supplying nutrients to the tendons to become more stronger and healthy.

When the tendon doesn’t find a smooth and clear path for gliding along, it is quite common for them to get irritated and inflamed. If any unusual situation takes place due to this irritated tendon, then surgical treatment might be required to realign the tendon. So, try to take proper care regarding your joints and bones as your age increases. Try to improve the nutritional value in your regular diet and practice good exercise routines under proper guidance [Good nutritional diet].