Do You Know The Factors Responsible For Developing Thyroid Cancer?

Though it is very small in size, thyroid gland has great importance in production of hormones, which regulates each and every aspect of your body metabolism.

Any development of nodules in this particular gland, mainly results in thyroid cancer. This gland mainly involves in functioning of all parts of your body from improving heart rate to how rapidly you can burn up calories [Kinds of thyroid gland cancers].

As it is very easy to identify and treat thyroid cancer in early stages, it is the most uncommon type of cancer found in very less number of people.

Once if you are affected with thyroid cancer, after the treatment, there is a possibility for thyroid cancer to reoccur, may be after several months or years of treatment.

Thyroid cancer is still an unsolved puzzle!

The exact cause of thyroid cancer is still unknown. Many doctors and researchers can seldom explain why one affects with thyroid cancer and others don’t. However, it is quite clear that thyroid cancer is not contagious and it can’t be transmitted from one person to another. Certain factors which can increase your risk of developing thyroid cancer include:

  • Over exposure of your skin to radiation can increase the risk of developing cancer in your thyroid gland. If you have received any kind of radiation therapy as a treatment for acne or any childhood diseases, then you can suspect the development of cancer in your thyroid gland.
  • Certain inherited conditions can also aggravate the risk of developing cancer. For instance, if you have gardener’s syndrome or any genetic disorder, then you can be at increased risk of developing papillary thyroid cancer.
  • Even your gender plays a vital role in increasing the risk of thyroid cancer. For many reasons, it has been estimated that women are 2 to 3 times at increased levels of getting thyroid cancer, when compared with men.
  • Reproductive history in women can also advance the risk of cancer. For most of women who have had last pregnancy at 30 years of age or later are also at increased risk of developing cancer.

Never ignore or delay the treatment of thyroid cancer!

The tumors developed in your thyroid gland can be responsible in leading your health to several complications, if you delay or ignore the treatment. Some of the most significant problems associated with thyroid gland tumors mainly include diarrhea, spread of cancer to surrounding tissues and other organs of your body.

You can also feel difficulty in swallowing and also breathing. It also leads to development of hoarse voice.

So, be aware of this cancer and take appropriate treatment in order to avoid adverse effects in your healthy life.