Do You Know The Complications Involved In Placenta Previa?

When you are pregnant, be alert for any unusual vaginal bleeding. Sudden painless bleeding can be the only warning sign for persistent placenta previa, an unusual implantation of placenta in your uterus.

However, normal spotting during early stages of pregnancy is quite common, but sudden heavy bleeding in your later stages of pregnancy can be a cause for concern [Pregnancy bleeding].

Placenta is normally located near the top of your uterus and helps in supplying essential nutrients to your baby through umbilical cord.

If this placenta lies unusually in your uterus, then it results in placenta previa, due to which you can experience unusual heavy bleeding in your later stages of pregnancy.

Usually this placenta previa is very uncommon complication, which you can experience in your pregnancy. However, if it persists, then it can lead to heavy bleeding, which requires early delivery or several other complications like giving birth to low weight baby.

Is it dangerous to have placenta previa?

If placenta previa persists during your second and third trimester, it can be dangerous for both mother and also to her fetus. Some of the most significant complications included in placenta previa include:

  • Untimely separation of placenta from the wall of your uterus, which can disrupt the supply of nutrients and essential vitamins required for the growth of fetus.
  • Severe vaginal bleeding during delivery, which can be life-threatening to both mother and her fetus.
  • If you have persistent placenta previa, then it is very essential for c-section during your delivery, which can increase the risk of bleeding even after your delivery.
  • There is an increased risk of pre-term or premature delivery of fetus, which typically poses a great risk for your fetus.

Most of the women with placenta previa can have no apparent complications unless and until they have any previous episodes of placenta previa in their previous pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman carrying more than one baby like twins or triplets, then there is a chance for you to get this placental complication. Cigarette smokers [Smoking during pregnancy] and cocaine users are also considered to have many complications during their pregnancy.

As pregnancy is thought to be a period of fear and expectations, whenever you are identified with placenta previa, don’t get worried about the condition. Try to gather information regarding this complication in your pregnancy, which can help you to feel less scared about the condition.

Discuss with your health care provider and be attentive. Whenever you notice any abnormal changes in your body, try to consult the doctor immediately, in order to prevent further complications in your pregnancy.