Pulmonary Hypertension: Most Rare And Also Dangerous Form Of Lung Disorder!

Pulmonary hypertension is the rare form of lung disorders, which usually begins with blockage of arteries of your heart.

As a result of this narrowing of your tiny arteries, the resistance for the blood to flow through lungs increases and therefore it increases the pressure on your heart.

Pulmonary hypertension is not curable but there are several treatments to reduce the symptoms of this disorder [Treating pulmonary disease].

The manifestations involved in pulmonary hypertension appear to be subtle in the early stages and they might not be clear for several months or sometimes it takes years to identify the disease.

If the disease progresses, then it can be possible for you to identify pulmonary hypertension with these evidences:

  1. Primarily, you can notice that you are short of breath only when you are involved in any physical activity. But, as the disease reaches the advanced stage, then you might be in short of breath most of the times, even when you are at rest.
  2. You can experience a severe pressure or pain in your chest portion.
  3. Swelling in your legs, ankles and ultimately swelling in your abdomen can be noticed.
  4. As the pulmonary hypertension disorder progresses, gradually your lips and also skin turns into bluish color.

These are certain signs to identify the advanced stages of this type of lung disorder.

Pulmonary hypertension: Causes serious illness to your lungs!

Pulmonary hypertension, this rare form of lung disorder can lead to more serious and adverse complications for your health and most of the times need surgery to repair. Major complications involved in pulmonary hypertension include:

Corpulmonale (enlarged right ventricle): This is the condition in which the right ventricle of your heart becomes enlarged and sometimes fails to work completely. This condition of pulmonary hypertension can usually occur when the right ventricle, which has less muscle strength than the left, experiences more pressure and works harder to pump the blood through lungs.

Formation of fluid in your lungs: This is the most potential and life threatening condition of pulmonary hypertension. This condition mainly occurs when the pressure in veins and capillaries of your lungs forces the fluid inside the capillaries to enter into lungs. This makes it difficult for your lungs to provide required oxygen for your body.

Whenever you feel any uneasiness in breathing regularly or if you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms of lung disorder, immediately seek medical advice in order to avoid disasters in your life [Treating lung disease].