Plantar Warts: Protect Your Skin From HPV Virus!

Did you observe any unwanted skin growth on the sole of your feet? Then it can be a plantar wart [Treating warts], caused due to the presence of human papilloma virus in your body [HPV virus].

This virus can enter into your body through tiny cuts and breaks on your skin.

Most of the plantar warts are not serious, but they can become annoying or painful.

These warts are resistant to treatment, so try to consult your doctor to remove these warts caused by HPV virus.

Is there any specific cause to get infected with these warts?

You can acquire these plantar warts through direct contact with HPV virus. More than 100 different types of HPV viruses are present, in which some of them tend to cause warts on your fingers, hands and also near your fingernails, while some of them are responsible for warts on your feet.

The virus which is responsible for plantar warts is not highly contagious, but it mostly thrives in moist and warmer places like public swimming pools, locker rooms and also on shower floors. So, you have chances to get infected with this virus if you walk with barefoot in these kinds of public places.

HPV virus can also spread from one person to other like other infectious diseases. If you have a plantar wart, then there are chances for you to spread the virus in other places by touching with your own foot.

This HPV virus can also spread by touching the blood of the infected person or even if your skin comes in contact with the skin shredded from infected wart.

HPV virus and immune system:

Getting infected with the virus also depends on your immune system, as immune system of each person will respond differently to different type of infections. So, it is not possible for every one to develop the HPV virus.

Even if you’re having weak immune system, you can get affected with these types of warts. Most of the plantar warts can appear only on feet due to multiple exposures of your skin to HPV virus and damaged or scratched skin.

In order to avoid these plantar warts, avoid walking with barefoot in public places and try to maintain healthy skin without any damage or scratches on your skin. Maintaining healthy immune system is also essential to decrease the risks of getting infected with all kinds of infections.