Kawasaki Disease Can Lead To Heart Problem In Your Kid!

Are you aware of Kawasaki disease? It is the common inflammatory disease in children, which usually affects almost 80% of total kids, who are aged between 2 to 5.

Though the exact cause for this health condition in children is not clear, some of the researchers consider it as an autoimmune disorder, which is mainly stimulated by an infection or any over exposure to environmental toxins.

However, in most of the cases, Kawasaki disease affects children less than 4 years of age, but very rarely it can also affect young infants and also adolescents.

It is often believed that children with Asian ethnicity are at increased risk of developing Kawasaki disease.

Do you think Kawasaki disease is contagious and hereditary?

Though, many doctors and researchers believe that Kawasaki disease is caused by a viral infection, it is neither contagious nor can be hereditary.

It is quite uncommon that more than one kid in a family develops this inflammatory disease. It is also believed that very few kids, less than 2%, can have another attack of this disease in their life.

If the illness continues for more than 2 weeks, then you can notice the peeling of skin on the fingers and also toes of the affected individual.

Other important signs of Kawasaki disease usually include bloated lymph nodes in the neck, poor appetite, acute irritability and swelling in body joints. Fever, rash on skin, joint pain, and swollen lymph node are some other symptoms of Kawasaki disease.

Untreated Kawasaki disease can lead to heart disease!

The inflammation caused by Kawasaki disease mainly affects a portion of coronary wall, which becomes weak and bulges out into aneurysm.

As a result, a clot of blood will be formed in that particular weakened area and leads to blockage of artery. In certain cases, this blockage of artery leads to heart attack and very rarely this aneurysm can also burst.

Other changes in the regular conditions of heart mainly include inflammation of heart muscle or on the sac, which surrounds the heart (pericarditis). Kawasaki disease also results in abnormal functioning of certain heart valves [Heart healthy lifestyle].

Find out this disease in your kid to help them in giving a healthy life with appropriate treatment.