How Can You Recognize Panic Disorder To Lead A Normal Life?

Panic disorder is a serious condition of anxiety disorder that takes place at any time and any where irrespective of sex or race of a person.

Mostly teens and persons of early adulthood are more prone to this panic disorder.

It has been estimated that almost 75% of the total population gets affected with this panic attack.

How can you identify panic attack?

A panic attack is a sudden or abrupt surge of fear that usually occurs without any warning sign or symptom or any particular reason. It is far more than a strong feeling of being stressed out that can be experienced by most of you. Certain symptoms of these kinds of panic attacks include:

  1. Feeling difficulty in breathing, you can feel as if you are not able to get enough air to breathe.
  2. You can experience terror which is almost paralyzing.
  3. Hot flashes or sudden chills.
  4. You can also experience tingling feeling in your fingers and toes.

Is it mind, body or both which causes panic disorder?

Body: There can be a genetic tendency of anxiety disorder in some persons. Some of you can have a family history of panic disorder or some other emotional disorders like depression [Depression Treatment].

Panic attack can also takes place due to certain biological malfunctioning in your body, although specific health condition responsible for panic disorder is yet to be determined.

Mind: Certain stressful moments in your life can play a major role for you in developing this kind of panic attacks.

Both body and mind: Physiological and psychological events in your life can be responsible for the development of fear or panic attack in a person.

People with panic disorder can also lead a normal life!

Panic disorder can be treated easily and a wide variety of treatments and therapies are available for the treatment of panic attacks.

These particular treatments for panic attacks are very effective and once if you have completed the treatment, you can easily avoid anxiety and other panic attacks. The treatment for panic disorder doesn’t involve any complications or side effects.

Try to consult a better psychiatrist to get rid of this unnecessary panic attacks. Try to be more open while discussing the problem with your doctor to get a better and also permanent solution for your problem.