Heart Murmur: An Abnormal Sound Of Your Heart Beat!

Are you aware of the abnormal sounds of your heart beat? This unusual or abnormal sound made by your heart is nothing but a heart murmur.

This unusual sound is generally made by your blood while flowing though your heart. Heart murmur generally sounds something like water flowing through a hose.

How innocent are these heart murmurs?

Most of the murmurs does not cause any harm to the normal functioning of your heart and doesn’t require any treatment. Most of the doctors have confirmed these abnormal sounds to be innocent and a person with a heart murmur can have normal heart.

Heart murmurs can be present by birth and also can be developed in the later stages of their life. It is not a disease, but it can indicate an underlying heart problem. These types of abnormal sounds of regular heart beat are most common in newborns and also in 50 % of all children.

Know more about the factors responsible for abnormal heart murmur:

Normal heart murmur: An innocent murmur can occur whenever the blood flows more rapidly through your heart like during excess physical activity and while doing exercises.

Some other conditions which are responsible for rapid blood flow through your heart include fever, physical exertion, pregnancy, hypothyroidism and also anemia.

Abnormal heart murmur: Most of the murmurs are harmless. If the condition is severe, then it can be due to abnormal functioning of heart valves, holes in the heart, rheumatic fever, valve calcification and also endocarditis.

Certain manifestations regarding heart murmur:

Most of the heart murmurs are harmless and do not show any signs and symptoms of heart disease. But if the problem is severe, then it can show certain signs of heart disease and can be recognized with certain symptoms. Some of the symptoms regarding severe and abnormal murmurs can include:

  1. Fast breathing
  2. Chest pain
  3. Fainting
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Blue coloring of skin. You can notice this change especially on the finger tips and also inside the mouth.
  6. Dizziness

These are certain manifestations which can lead to abnormal heart murmur. So consult your personal health care provider whenever you notice these signs in order to avoid serious heart disorders.