Be Aware Of Hepatitis B Virus When You Are Pregnant!

Are you pregnant? Are you aware of hepatitis B? It is very essential for a pregnant woman to know more about hepatitis B.

This is the most serious infection of liver which can be transmitted from mother to a new born baby through umbilical cord.

Hepatitis B mainly infects your liver and if left untreated, it can result in severe damage to your liver. Most of the cases with this hepatitis virus can be recovered on their own, however about 15% to 20% of the infected persons die with major damage to liver.

Why hepatitis B virus is dangerous for pregnant women?

If you have Hepatitis B virus (HBV) in your blood, then there are chances for you to pass it to your unborn baby which is very dangerous. Most of the babies with this kind of infection will be more prone to HBV infections throughout their lives.

In the initial stages of the hepatitis B infection, it might not show any kind of sickness, but as it grows gradually, it can lead to severe liver damages. Almost 25 percent of the HBV infected babies can die due to liver diseases.

Avoid transmission of this virus!

Hepatitis B virus can spread from one person to other through direct contact with the body fluids of infected person and also through blood transmission. Very small amounts of infected blood can also cause the infection. This dangerous virus can spread mainly through these ways:

  • Through an infected mother to her offspring during birth and can also be transmitted through the umbilical cord when the baby is in mother’s womb.
  • Sharing needles with the infected persons for injecting drugs.
  • Sexual contact with the infected person [Other sexually transmitted diseases].
  • You can be at increased risk of getting infected either if you live within a same household who is suffering with this virus or if you are doing any job that exposes you to human blood.

These are most important facts which you need to know about Hepatitis B during your pregnancy. Make sure to take regular vaccinations of hepatitis B when you are pregnant and protect your baby from this dreadful virus.