Avian Flu: Most Dreadful Viral Infection To Humans As Well As Birds!

Avian flu, most commonly known as bird flu is potentially a dangerous infection which spreads rapidly and can lead the infected persons to death.

Most of you might be worrying about how to fight against this dreadful virus.

Certain important facts which can be helpful for you are given here. Try to know these basic facts about avian flu.

Avian flu is the mostly caused due to viral infection, which usually infects only birds and some times it also infects pigs. There are many different harmful effects of this avian flu.

Some of them can show only mild effects on birds and causes raffling of feathers and reduces the production of eggs in them, while some of them including H5 strains are more dreadful and can be responsible for serious inflammation.

How this virus is spread?

Most of the researchers believe that, avian flu spreads from one bird to another, when an infected bird comes in contact with the other healthy bird.

Certain migrating birds like ducks, swans and also geese carry and transmit virus to other healthier birds. This virus does not cause any harm to migrating birds but it uses these birds as a source of transmission.

Avian flu mainly infects most of the domesticated birds like chickens and turkey and it can be fatal for most of the infected birds. When any healthy bird comes into close contact with its infected feces or saliva or any secretions, then they can get infected with avian flu.

Even if a healthy bird is kept in cage which is contaminated with infected bird, then there is a possibility for the virus to transmit to healthy bird.

How this avian flu spreads to humans?

Most of the researchers believe that, if you come in close contact with any bird having avian flu, then you are more prone to get this viral infection. People who live in rural areas where many families have small house hold poultry flocks are at increased risk of getting infected with avian flu.

When a person is infected with avian flu, he can experience eye infections and severe respiratory diseases.

Is there any chance for an infected person to spread the infection?

The chances of spreading of this viral infection from one person to another are very rare. Most of the cases of avian flu in humans so far happened are mainly because of people coming in close contact with the infected bird.

If the person is exposed to avian flu, he should follow good hand hygiene and use protective equipment. Infected person should carefully monitor for symptoms for taking proper treatment to prevent the spreading of the disease.