Most Common Liver Diseases Which Can Affect Children!

When your liver becomes inflamed or infected, it mainly affects the ability of the organ to perform different body functions.

There are many different reasons and conditions for a liver disease to take place.

Liver is the most important internal organ of human body which performs almost more than 100 functions in your body.

Liver disease is mainly termed as collection of different conditions and infections that affect the cells, structure and also functioning of the liver.

Some of the most common causes include viral infections, chemical and physical changes that usually take place in your body and also certain bacterial invasions, which are also responsible for liver diseases.

The most important reason for a liver disease or liver damage can be due to malnutrition, especially in persons who are addicted to excess alcoholism.

Most important factors which are responsible for a liver damage can include congenital birth defects or certain abnormalities of liver which can occur during birth, certain metabolic disorders or basic defects in your regular body process can also lead to liver disease.

Some times, even certain medications can be toxic and also harmful for your liver and can cause damage to its cells and tissues. Nutritional deficiencies in your body can also lead to liver damage.

Common liver diseases in children:

  • Galactosemia: This is an inherited disease which mainly affects the tolerance level of the body of your child to sugars that are present in milk. These sugars can increase the risk of liver disease and causes severe damage to liver and other body organs of your child.
  • Alagile syndrome: This is the condition which can occur during the first year of your child, in which the bile ducts gets narrow and starts deteriorating, leading to liver disease.
  • Wilson’s disease: An inherited condition of liver, which is mainly responsible for the build up of copper in the liver of your child.
  • Chronic active hepatitis: This is also one of the most common inflammations of liver which results in severe scarring and interference with the normal functioning of the liver.

These are some of the most common liver diseases which can affect your child, if he\she lacks proper care and nutrition in regular diet. So be attentive, identify the symptoms of disease in early stages and seek proper medical advice.

Many vaccinations are available in order to prevent liver diseases. Discuss with your health care provider and follow necessary steps to prevent liver inflammations in your child.