Did You Observe Any Lump On Your Hand Or Wrist Repeatedly? Methods To Remove Ganglion Cyst!

Do your hands repeatedly get stiff from typing? Did you observe any lump on your wrist?

Then it can be surely a ganglion cyst, most common and harmless lump that can be aggravated by over use of wrist.

A ganglion cyst on the wrist is usually characterized with a swelling filled with fluid that can usually occur over the back side of your hand or wrist. Most of the ganglion cysts are not cancerous and does not spread to other parts of your body, but it can grow in size in that particular area.

Is this lump linked with any other abnormality on skin?

It is very important for you to have a check up with the doctor, when ever you observe a lump on your skin. Your doctor can easily determine whether the lump is simply a ganglion cyst or not. There are many other conditions which are responsible for developing a lump on your skin.

Some of them include lipoma or giant cell tumor, carpal bossing or it is also possible to develop lump on your skin due to certain infections. However, most of the lumps that develop around your hand or wrist are mostly ganglion cysts.

Which treatment is better for the removal of ganglion cyst?

Most of the ganglion cysts go way with time. Even though the cyst disappears on its own, there are chances to grow back after certain period. Some of the methods involved in the removal of ganglion cyst include:

Needle aspirations: Most of the health care providers employ this needle aspiration in order to drain out the fluid from the lump. This fluid is then sent to lab for further tests to diagnose the presence of any other abnormality in your blood.

After the removal of fluid, you are injected with a steroid medicine to decrease the degree of the inflammation. Some times, your health care provider also adds certain amounts of local anesthesia to decrease the level of pain.

Surgery: When the degree of the cyst is high and making your joints immovable, then your health care provider can recommend a surgery for the treatment of ganglion cyst. It is usually done if the other forms of surgery fail to remove the cyst from your wrist.

As the cause for the lump to appear is still unknown, there is no preventive method to avoid this ganglion cyst on your hand or wrist. Early evaluation and healing can give better relief from the pain.