Bacterial Meningitis – A Serious Life Threatening Problem For Your Kid!

Bacterial meningitis is a very rare, but actually a serious inflammation, which can become a life threatening problem for your kid, if not diagnosed in a better way.

Meningitis usually takes it origin in two different forms: one is viral and the other is bacterial.

Viral meningitis is very common and also not dangerous when compared with bacterial meningitis. As the symptoms associated with viral meningitis are quite similar to common flu, they cannot be diagnosed easily.

Kids are more prone to this bacterial inflammation!

Bacterial meningitis is most common in kids and children and it spreads easily between the children living in close quarters and also in teens and college students.

Children studying in boarding schools are considered to be at increased risk of getting this bacterial infection.

If your kids are suffering with any chronic illness like nose or ear infection, then they are more prone to get this inflammation. Impaired immune system is also one of the common reasons to increase the risk of bacterial meningitis in your children.

Bacterial meningitis is usually characterized with headache, chills, high body temperature or fever and also stiff neck, which cannot allow the person to lower his/her chin to chest.

Some of the other manifestations associated with bacterial meningitis include vomiting, irritability, red or purple skin rash, confusion.

Bacterial meningitis can mainly affect the nervous system of your children!

Most of the bacterium responsible for the infection lives in our environments and also in our respiratory organs like nose and lungs, without creating any harm for us.

However, this bacterium is capable to infect our brain through spreading infection from any nearby part of your body, such as from sinus infection or it can be carried through the blood to the brain [Relief for sinus infection].

Any brain injuries like skull fracture can also increase the probability for the bacterium to enter into your brain. People with bacterial meningitis are highly contagious from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the type of bacteria that caused the infection.

Bacterial meningitis, if not diagnosed immediately and especially if the treatment is delayed, then it can lead to brain damage which results in permanent disabilities and sometimes it can lead to death [Treating Meningitis].

So, whenever you suspect the infection in your children consult your doctor immediately and take necessary preventive measures to avoid the complications of the inflammation.