Avoid Confusion Between GERD And Heart Pain!

Many people get confused with heart pain and heart burn which is caused due to GERD, gastro esophageal reflux disease.

GERD is typically marked by a heart burn and lasts up to two hours after you take meals.

How heart burn caused due to GERD differ from heart pain?

Actually, as the esophagus lie just behind the heart, chest pain caused due to GERD is often seems to be a heart pain. A heart burn and GERD have no connection with your cardiac system.

The main difference between a heart pain and GERD is, the heart burn which is caused due to GERD does not start with any physical activity while the pain related to heart is often triggered with exertion.

You need to consult the doctor immediately when you find these following abnormalities:

  • Vomiting followed by severe chest pain
  • Blood vomiting
  • Whenever you feel difficulty in swallowing solid and liquid foods
  • If vomiting is followed by a chest pain
  • Severe pain in chest area which is especially radiated towards back, neck or arm

How GERD can harm your regular health conditions if untreated?

Persistent GERD if untreated can lead to numerous stern health conditions. Some of these major effects include:

Esophageal cancer: If the GERD is persistent and left untreated, then it can mainly lead to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus.

This type of cancer usually develops over time in glandular cells near the stomach in the lower esophagus and these cells produces and releases certain fluids like mucus.

Asthma: A reflux in the lower esophagus of your stomach can excite the nerve impulses and leads to narrowing of the bronchioles in the lungs, due to which you will be affected with an asthma attack.

Diabetes: Due to diabetes, the nerves of your stomach can damage. As a result, the food which is entered into your stomach could not be digested well and produces an acid kind of thing in your stomach. [Diabetes Management]

Esophagitis: The acid which is mainly produced by the undigested food gets refluxed to the esophagus and results in irritated and inflamed esophagus.

These are the certain major disasters that can be caused due to long lasting and untreated GERD. Try to prevent this chronic inflammation by seeking appropriate medical treatment at right time.