Rosacea Treatment Methods Can Restore Your Glowing Skin

According to the recent research, about 30 million North Americans are suffering from varying degrees of acne rosacea.

Among those 14 million people are improperly diagnosed with their condition.

Researchers found that demodex mite is the root cause of the spreading epidemic of acne rosacea. The five most effective causes of rosacea include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Hot weather
  • Wind
  • Cold weather
  • Humidity

Weather changes, mainly the sun and hot humid weathers can cause rosacea to flare up and become extremely severe.

Rosacea can strike at any age:

Previously it was thought that rosacea can occur during the age of 30-40 years. But according to the recent study, 39 percent of the rosacea patients can develop the condition after 50 and 17 percent before 30.

This condition mostly affects the face. Often it starts as a blush on the nose, chin and cheeks. The blush can be more or less permanent and tiny webs of blood vessels sprout in those areas. In addition to this condition, tiny and pimple like bumps comes out on the affected skin.

As time goes, the skin becomes thick and the nose becomes quite bulbous. Sometimes your eyes can also be affected with rosacea. This condition makes the eyes to burn and makes them scratchy.

If the medicines don’t cause any changes in your condition then use Differin cream and Finacea gel.

Ruddy complexion can be rosacea:

People with ruddy complexion often think that it was just rosy cheeks. But this condition is actually rosacea. Usually this condition begins with simple redness in the center of your face.

This condition is due to the overgrowth of the blood vessels and also the bacteria that enters into your skin. It causes the skin to become thick with some growth in the oil glands and also thickens the nasal skin.

Treating rosacea:

So, to minimize the effects of sun and heat: avoid going out and exposing to the sun during the peak times, wear non-pore clogging sunscreen, avoid spicy foods, don’t stay hydrated as it can cause you to become overheated, wear a high number sun protection factor with UVA protection, avoid alcohol and decrease flushing.

Individuals suffering with this condition can search for more effective and safe rosacea treatments like pills and antibiotics. Antibiotics work effective in alleviating the symptoms of rosacea.

But, treating with antibiotics can not work for all sufferers. Consuming antibiotics for extended periods can cause detrimental health concerns.

Along with these treatments, laser treatment can also be recommended as it can reduce the appearance of inflamed blood vessels and makes your skin to look young.