Restless Leg Syndrome Linked To Heart Problems

Do you have restless leg syndrome? Then you can face twice the risk of a stroke or heart disease when compared to the people who don’t have such neurological condition, according to the study.

The risk is greater in people if they have restless leg syndrome with the most frequent and the most severe symptoms. Also, the study said that this is a salient disorder and you have to recognize it.

Mainly, restless leg syndrome is a disorder which is characterized by restlessness and a need to move the legs. The symptoms of this disorder will start or become severe while you are resting. Most of the times symptoms occur during night and finally they can lead to disturbed sleep.

According to the study, 5-10 percent of the population is suffering from this syndrome. People with this disorder have up to 300 periodic leg movements a night. These leg movements are associated with rise in blood pressure and heart rate.

According to the study: people with this disorder can also suffer from sleep deprivation, which is again linked to cardiovascular disease.

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