Kidney Dialysis – A Flexible Healing Choice For Kidney Failure!

When your kidneys are unable to do some of their works, kidney dialysis helps to do the work of your kidneys.

Mainly, the functions of kidneys include: removing waste products from your blood, removing excess fluids, restoring the levels of electrolytes and controlling your blood pressure.

Basically there are two types of kidney dialysis: peritoneal and hemo dialysis. During the day of dialysis you will feel tired. The next day after dialysis, your tiredness will decrease and you get more energy.

You need to have kidney dialysis at least three times a week and 3-4 hours for each time. The good news about dialysis is that the dialysis doesn’t have to last forever for some people. You can also try for kidney transplant, but you need to prepare for lots of tests before you receive the new kidney.

This life saver process helps in cleaning your body and you will get rid of what your body can’t do on its own any more.


Most of the people have a force in their arm where they catch up the dialysis machine. On one side of the dialysis machine the dialystate is going to flow and on the other side your blood is going to flow and after cleansing the blood, it returns to you.

There are minerals like potassium and calcium in the dialystate which are lost during the process of dialysis. Most of the times, you need to take prescription for these same minerals.

Peritoneal dialysis:

In this form of kidney dialysis, the dialystate is of minerals and glucose and this process goes through your stomach area. Afterwards, the dialystate is left to clean your body’s pollutants and waste products and then they are shattered and thrown away.

This treatment can also be done at your home or even when you are travelling. You need to take this treatment quite often in a day.

During kidney dialysis, your kidneys can process 18 gallons of blood per hour with a refined method of absorption, excretion and re-absorption. By the end of each day, every dialysis patient can produce 7 gallons of urine.

So, you can prefer kidney dialysis when you lose about 85-90 percent of your kidney function.