World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is celebrated worldwide on December 1st of every year. It was in 1988, the World Health Organization established December 1st as World AIDS Day.

On this day, Governments, AIDS programs, various AIDS awareness organizations, individuals, etc.., are provided with an opportunity to raise awareness about AIDS.

“Leadership” is the focus of this year’s World AIDS days. This is the theme set by the UNAIDS, which is the joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS.

According their latest estimates, there are nearly 33.2 million HIV infected individual, which includes 2.5 million children.

And in 2007, nearly 2.5 million people newly got infected with HIV virus. Nearly half of them who got infected are below 25 years old and they are getting killed with AIDS at an age less than 35.

AIDS, which means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is an infectious disease. In fact, AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV virus. Right now, there isn’t any vaccine available for AIDS.

The AIDS medicines and therapies that are available can only extend the life span of the infected person, but cannot cure it. As, right now there isn’t any cure or vaccine available, it better to prevent. Raising awareness among the people helps them to protect against AIDS.

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