Protect Yourself From Dreadful West Nile Virus!

West nile virus is a dreadful mosquito borne disease which is most prevalent in warmer places.

As the temperature rises the growth in mosquito population rapidly increases.

These mosquitoes not only transmit west nile virus but also spread equine encephalomyelitis, a virus which causes sleeping sickness.

West nile virus not only influences people but also show its effect on birds, horses, and some other mammals.

Mostly humans are caught with this virus.

How to identify the west nile virus disease?

West nile virus does not show any signs and symptoms as such when you have mild effect of this virus but if it is severe then the following signs will help you to identify this virus:

  • When you have mild effect, then you can feel slight head ache and low fever and body pains. Some times you can find some rashes over the skin with swollen lymph’s.
  • The severe form of west nile virus shows high fever, weakness in muscles and stiffness in neck.
  • If the infection is much severe then it may lead to paralysis and also there are chances to drive the affected person to coma.
  • It can also infect the nervous system. This inflammation can infect brain and surrounding membranes of brain.
  • It also makes your arms and breathing muscles weak.

Mild infection symptoms last for few days but inflammation caused by severe infection can lasts up to several weeks.

How to prevent west nile virus?

You know that prevention is better than cure. So try to prevent spreading of disease by following the safety measures listed below:

  • Avoid mosquito breeding sites such as swimming pools and bird baths or any bushy places.
  • Use insect repellents in your lawns and gardens and always keep lawn neat and trim your shrubs regularly.
  • Be careful in clothing; always wear long sleeved clothes, which not only protect you from mosquito bite but also from exposure of your skin to pollution.
  • Dark colored clothes attracts mosquitoes, so try to prefer light colored clothes.
  • Mosquitoes breed mainly on stagnant water, so remove standing water, if any, in your yard.
  • Cut down old trees and empty your swimming pools if you are not using.
  • Apply good mosquito repellent cream in limited quantity when ever you go out and even at home.
  • Avoid unnecessary open-air activities when mosquito breeding is prevalent.
  • Always cover tree holes with mud to avoid mosquito breeding.
  • Empty your pet water bowls at least twice a week.

Make sure to vaccinate your pets regularly and you too follow proper vaccination before the condition worsens.