A Recent Report: Breast MRI Can Spot Even Other Cancers

According to University of Florida surgeons, 20 percent of women with breast cancer who plan to undergo lumpectomy, breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reveals important information that alters the treatment plan.

Breast MRI can find additional cancerous areas in the breast that previously avoided detection. MRI can also discover cancer in the opposite breast which are not detected with standard imaging tests like mammography and ultrasound. MRI can also detect or determine a tumor which is actually larger than expected.

Women need a mastectomy sometimes instead of breast-conserving lumpectomy. If the tumors are bigger than indicated on standard imaging, second operation to remove cancerous cells is needed if MRI findings signal the need for surgeries.

Surgeons preferred MRI as it benefits many cancer patients because it detects cancers that are otherwise missed, particularly in women with dense breasts.

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