Identify Diabetes Causes To Keep Your Diabetes Under Control!

More than 14 million people in the United States are diagnosed with type I diabetes.

Healthy eating and healthy living is the key for successful management of diabetes.

It is one of the difficult problems that healthcare professionals deal with.

Individuals who have diabetes often feel lonely and confused.

Healthy living consists of becoming aware of diabetes and its conditions, food solutions and lifestyle tips.

Knowing these and implementing everyday can lead to effective management of your diabetes.

Most of the people are not aware of the condition that they are having.

You can’t recognize that you have diabetes. It is an extremely manageable problem when compared to other diseases.

Factors that cause diabetes:

There are many factors which can lead to diabetes in both children and adolescents. Some of them include:

Drinking too much soda can cause diabetes: Children who drink too much soda sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup can be more susceptible to diabetes.

According to some experts, drinks that consist of syrup have higher levels of substances which can cause damage to cells and tissues. After that, it leads to diabetes. Corn syrup is cheap, sweeter and can easily dissolve into beverages. So, most of the manufacturers prefer to use this.

Reactive carbonyls are the substances that can cause cell damage which again leads to diabetes. These compounds are high in beverages.

Vitamin deficiency can cause diabetes: According to recent studies, vitamin B1 deficiency can cause range of symptoms like, poor appetite, fatigue, muscle aches, paralysis in hands or feet, difficulty walking, and heart failure. All most all of these symptoms are familiar problems of type II diabetes. Take a B-complex supplement to get vitamin B series.

Risk factors for diabetes development:

  • The risk of diabetes increases as your age increases.
  • Being overweight is another cause.
  • If there is any history of gestational diabetes in you or your family
  • Blood pressure more than 140/90 mm Hg can cause diabetes.
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Inactive lifestyle is also a cause of diabetes.

Complications associated with diabetes:

  • When children are affected with this condition, it can lead to blindness, amputation, strokes, kidney failure and other complications.
  • This is also linked to heart problem.
  • In uncontrollable diabetes, you can suffer from extreme thirst and you will lose weight instead of being hungry.
  • Excessive urination because the nutrient from the food is constantly draining ways. This is the main cause for diabetics having lower resistance to fight against infections.
  • You can also have chronic skin trouble and constant fatigue.

Diabetes leads to death: Up to 65 percent of the people in US with diabetes die from cardiovascular disease.

Controlling diabetes:

Without comprehensive or adequate treatment, diabetes continues for a longer period of time. It makes you weaker and even death can also occur.

Every diabetic need to consider the following things:

  • Know your medications and be familiar with them. Also know about their interactions with other drugs and side effects.
  • Regular doctor’s visits are important, because he will really help manage your disease day-to-day.
  • Check your blood sugar levels regularly. If you are at a high risk due to being overweight, then immediately make a glucose test. Normal level should be below 100. Also check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly.
  • You should get a proper eye exam each year and also test your feet everyday for any non-healing sores.
  • Stay active. It will be beneficial for you.
  • Practice 30 minutes of exercise for five days in a week. Practice both resistance and aerobic types.
  • Finally last but not the least is following a good diabetic diet program.
  • Pay attention to control your blood glucose. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and look at the risk factors for heart disease.
  • Follow a glycemic load diet. Consume the foods in limited quantities which contain starchy carbohydrates and refined sugar.

Do you know pawpaw seeds and guava can prevent diabetes? Dry the pawpaw seeds under sunlight and make powder from them and mix them with pure honey. This also works effectively for any type of digestive disorder like ulcers. Eat two table spoons three times daily.

The combination of guava leaves and honey also works well to treat the condition. Dry the guava leaves under the shade and pack them. Insert this packet into hot water to bring out the active ingredients and then take it like tea.

Wavesense jazz glucose meter to control diabetes: This device helps to give your glycemic variability. These numerical acts as a tool to show how often your blood sugar level changes and how severe these variations are.

This device will offer you many features like, it alerts you if your blood glucose level is in between your pre and post-meal target range to encourage tighter control and it allows you to change the level based on your personal schedule to encourage tighter control.

Diabetes in children:

Type I diabetes is most common in children. This is due to the inability of pancreas to produce insulin.

Genetics and environmental factors can trigger diabetes in children.

In recent days, most of the children are getting type II diabetes and it can also be called as adult onset because it starts in middle age.

Children will experience immediate weight loss, tiredness, thirst, and frequent urination.

The children with these symptoms must take fast-acting insulin during the daytime.

As a parent, what you can do is, understand everything about diabetes and its treatment.

This requires patience, but it will be very beneficial for your child and family.