Health News On 05 Nov 2007

  • Aging Heart Changes Shape, Shrinks And Loses Pumping Function Too
    Researchers at Johns Hopkins have evidence to explain why the supposedly natural act of aging is by itself a very potent risk factor for life-threatening heart failure.
  • New Heart Drug Beats Plavix But Poses Bleeding Risks
    A new blood thinner proved better than Plavix, one of the world’s top-selling drugs, at preventing heart problems after procedures to open clogged arteries, doctors reported Sunday. But the new drug also raised the risk of serious bleeding.
  • Scientist: Drug May Help Women With Migraines
    A UCLA scientist said help may be on the way for women who get painful migraine headaches. About 5 percent of women have a headache more than 15 days a month.
  • Breast Milk Helps Lungs But Not If Mom Has Asthma
    Breast-feeding seems to protect children from asthma later in life, but only when the mother does not have the respiratory disorder herself.
  • Light Shed On Black Box Of Gestational Diabetes
    A protein in the pancreas is giving researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine their first chance at cracking the code that determines how diabetes develops during pregnancy, a finding that could lead to new treatments for all forms of diabetes.