World Psoriasis Day, October 29th 2007

Today is world psoriasis day and it is specially dedicated to people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Its primary purpose is to act as a focus for people that is, patients, doctors, nurses and general public.

More and more individuals, experts and patients are involving over time around the world.World psoriasis day is presented by international federation of psoriasis associations (IFPA), an international organization whose membership is made up of psoriasis organizations.

The aim of world psoriasis day includes:

  • Raising awareness about psoriasis with communication and activities, explaining that psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease that can affect anyone and people with psoriasis are no really different from others
  • This day aims to encourage health care decision makers like government and physicians to allow psoriasis sufferers access to all the most appropriate therapies
  • Delivering information and knowledge about the disorder to the people who are affected by the disease as well as to the general public
  • To build unity among the community of psoriasis for providing platform from which voices of patient around the world can speak as one and be heard by important decision makers

People who are affected with psoriasis [cure psoriasis] suffer from the fact that the most important organ that is affected is skin. The pain and embarrassment people experience can lead to depression and social isolation. Often, people do not understand psoriasis and believe it as a contagious disease.

Psoriasis patients can improve the quality of life by:

  • Not experiencing the social exclusion or discrimination because of the appearance of the skin
  • Receiving therapy that improves emotional well-being
  • Gaining easy and equal access to optimal and affordable psoriasis treatment from whole spectrum of health workers
  • Adequately educating about the disease so that its impact can be better managed and controlled in daily lives
  • Looking forward to groundbreaking research into the physical, psychological and social issues surrounding the disease
  • Getting support through public awareness campaigns so that misconceptions about the disease can be cleared
  • Developing a positive patient-doctor relationship so that patients’ opinions are valued when deciding the best management of the disease

Fight with psoriasis to stay happy and healthy.

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