World Osteoporosis Day, October 20th 2007

Today is World Osteoporosis Day and Osteoporosis foundation is placing emphasis on the value of exercise in building bones. World osteoporosis day is celebrated around the world for prevention, care and treatment of the disease.

The day is celebrated to raise awareness in people to prevent osteoporosis. The theme of world osteoporosis day this year is “Beat the break: Know and reduce your osteoporosis risk”.

The awareness program involves sending positive message to women and men to realize that they can take responsibility for the health of their bones and not be victims of osteoporosis in later life.

International osteoporosis organization is the world wide organization dedicated to fight against the disease. The organization brings physicians, scientists and patients together. The day provides important information and educates public and policy makers about the prevention of the disease.

As the number of countries participating in this awareness program and number of scheduled events are increasing every year, the impact of this day has grown significantly.

People are urged to identify the personal risks for osteoporosis to take appropriate action to reduce the risks.

Messages of World osteoporosis day 2007 campaign include:

  • Certain lifestyle factors are harmful for bone health such as smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption.
  • Bone health nutrition and adequate exercise are necessary in youth to build bone mass and reduce fracture risks in later life.
  • Post menopausal women should recognize the risk of osteoporosis and consult the doctor for proper treatment.
  • Take positive action by practicing healthy life style that includes calcium, vitamin D rich nutrition and weight bearing exercises.
  • Men should be aware that they too are at risk of osteoporosis and they should recognize the condition to act up on.

Osteoporosis foundation celebrates the day with number of activities and initiatives that help to reduce the risk of the disease. They issue awareness raising posters and public service announcements.

Attain strong and healthy bones to prevent osteoporosis.

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