World Mental Health Day, October 10th 2007

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on 10th October. The aim of the world mental health day is to educate the public on relevant issues concerning mental health.

Every year a different theme is set by the world federation for World Mental Health Day.The theme this year is “Mental Health in a changing world: the impact of culture and diversity”.

Every year, the day is celebrated by youth groups, schools, hospitals, libraries and other service user groups. The activities on world mental health day include health checks, sponsored walks, talks, art exhibitions, and campaigns.

According to World Health Organization, 25 percent of the population is suffering from mental illnesses. But, only 40 percent of the cases are diagnosed and treated. Most common mental illnesses are depression, schizophrenia and dementia.

On world mental health day, people are asked to talk freely about their mental health. Charity provides tips on how to look after their mental health and encourage members to share their tips and experiences.

Family and friends play a crucial role in diagnosis, treatment and management of mental illness by providing proper support. Many people have no idea on mental illness symptoms.

On world mental health day, many organizations produce wide range of materials on mental health topics and distribute to the people. The activities that are conducted on mental health day provides parents and children with a unique resource that help them talk about how they feel and what makes them sad or happy, secure or stressed.

People who are mentally ill should communicate and share their feelings with others, which can help them enormously. They should keep in touch with friends and family members so that they can take help whenever they feel lonely.

Mental Health Foundation is using research and practical projects to help people recover and survive from mental health problems. They are also conducting awareness campaigns for the awareness of the mental health.

They are reaching millions of people through media, information booklets and online services to spread the awareness.

Participate in the World Mental Health Day activities and promote mental health awareness.

Some of the resources related to mental illnesses: