World Arthritis Day, October 12th 2007

Today is World Arthritis Day. Every year on October 12th, people join together around the world to raise arthritis awareness. Arthritis is a disease that affects millions of people every year around the world.The theme for World Arthritis Day is to reduce the smallest things that matter for people suffering with arthritis at work place, around the home, college or school.

Aim of the World Arthritis Day:

  • To raise arthritis awareness in all forms among people with arthritis, medical community and among general public
  • To make sure that individual suffering with arthritis and their caregivers are attentive of the support network available to them
  • To make arthritis sufferers aware of the burden of arthritis and influence public policy
  • To make arthritis sufferers understand the steps to prevent arthritis

The aim is also to increase the understanding of the arthritis and empower people with rheumatic diseases to self-manage their condition.

Surveying is a part of the world arthritis day. According to the survey, pain is the main factor in people with arthritis that is preventing from exercising. The survey also revealed that arthritis sufferers are in confusion on what kind of physical activities are beneficial for them to do.

Many of them may have found simple and innovative ways to overcome the challenges. Those people can share those tips and ways with others so that they can help the other arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis associations work to stop the pain and disability experienced by sufferers. These associations encourage for healthy living, and prevent this chronic disease.

Arthritis can be controlled, but cannot be cured. So, regular attention is needed to control the arthritis pain.

Work together in the battle against Arthritis.

Some of the resources related to Arthritis: