Top Blog Posts Of The Week

  • Is Your Pain Medication Prescribed Off-Label?
    Many drugs that are prescribed to us are off-label. Know the difference between label drugs and off-label drugs. Here it is also explained whether prescribing off-label drugs good or bad.
  • So You Want To Leave Your Period Behind?
    What happens when you take birth control pills and which pills you can take? If you take birth control pills regularly, what are the problems you will face? These are the questions that arise in every child bearing women.
  • Preventing Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones are a common problem now-a-days. You can prevent kidney stones if you follow some changes in your diet. Here are the changes that you have to follow for preventing kidney stones.
  • CT Scans: A Better Way To Screen For Colon Cancer?
    Each year tens of thousands of people are dying with colorectal cancer. There are traditional methods to screen colon cancer. Find out whether CT scan is more effective for screening colon cancer and to detect the colon cancer.
  • Hypertension – The Silent Killer
    Find what the causes of hypertension and secondary hypertension are. Why you should concern about your blood pressure and what happens if you don’t control your hypertension?
  • The Environmental Risks Of Breast Cancer: Do You Know What They Are?
    Every year, there are new breast cancer cases and deaths. Find out what environmental causes leads to the breast cancer risk and how to avoid those risks.