Three New Genes Which Are Responsible For Lung Cancer Are Found Out!

20% of lung cancers are occurring due to three genes which are present in your body.

These 3 genes appear to work together and they are linked to fetal lung development.

The genes which are designated to promote lung cancer are TTF1, NKX2-8, and PAX9.

The growth of tumor can be prevented by blocking the mutations of these three genes.

These genes are located next to each other in human chromosome 14. Out of these three genes, two genes play a key role or responsible in fetal lung development.

In adults, the lung cancer cells can reactivate genes and they will be active in the earliest stage of lung development. The facts such as they are so close to each other on the chromosome and the collaboration of these genes may explain why the mutation of three genes is so common in lung cancer.

The latest study found that the mutation will be more prevalent in the late stage of lung cancer and there is a possibility or risk factor of reoccurrence. The research also demonstrates or reveals that the cancerous results of mutation can be reversed. This can lead to new treatment options for the patients who are suffering with this lung cancer.

These three genes namely TTF1, NKX2-8 and PAX9 will be involved in the normal development of lungs in the embryo. In adults these genes will get mutated into malignant form by making the lung cells to turn into cancer cells.

The phenomena of working these three genes together will help to facilitate cancer cells to appear to be unique in obtaining or causing lung cancer. Preventing the growth of this tumor of lung cancer blockage of these three mutations can be done.

But, it is to be found out how these genes are important? And in addition, it should also be found that, is there any other genes which can replace the functions of these three genes. This process will be the better target for this therapy.

The research is still going on to find out which gene mutations are involved in obtaining lung cancer.

Smoking and lung cancer link:

Smoking can affect the genes present in your body. Smokers have lot of chances of developing lung cancer than the persons who never smoke. Smoking can result the changes in gene activity. These changes will lead to several disturbances in the performance of lung activities.

Other than gene activities, the defects in genes will also cause lung cancer. Research has found the mutations in particular gene named LKB 1 will have few results in tumors which are more aggressive and which is more likely to spread throughout the body.

The defect in this gene will result in a much nastier form of lung cancer. This will be the disease that is bad to begin with.