Study: Stress Destroying Sexual Relationships

Stress shuts down libido and may be devastating to a sexual relationship, according to a new study out of Britain. Researchers at the pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk UK, and Relate, a team of relationship experts, studied 2,037 people and found that 50 percent of the participants reported that stress and other medical issues had negatively affected their sex lives.

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Stress can reduce the libido and destroys sexual relationship. Reduced interest in sex can be due to increased psychological stress and decreased sexual drive is a common complaint in people who have stressful jobs and long work hours.

If you are obsessed with thoughts about the stresses of the day, you cannot think about love and tenderness. In the work place, you are prevented to express anger or anxiety on others. After coming home, you show your frustration on family members.

You will try to put the stress and strains of the everyday life on bed and it leads to reduced interest in sex. Stress from job, marriage, financial issues, family members, health problems and other issues can decrease the sexual drive. It is hard for you to feel desire for sex when you are thinking about bills and other issues on the bed.

Health issues and sexual relationship:

Some of the health problems and medications can also affect the sex life. Some of them with heart problems feel that sex is going to cause heart attack. But, majority of people don’t need to alter their sex lives. Discuss with your doctor and resume your sex life again.

People with sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV (human papilloma virus), HIV, and hepatitis need not feel that they cannot participate in sex. Those people can engage in sex with safe protection.

How can you increase your sexual drive?

Both the partners should discuss about the problem and plan to enjoy the time with each other. Whenever one of the partners is under stress, they should take necessary steps to manage stress to regain the lost sexual desire.

You can follow stress reduction techniques that work best for you. Relaxation techniques like breathing and meditation exercises often help in reducing stress. Exercise helps in releasing endorphins, which are the stress fighting hormones of the body.

Massaging is a great stress reliever. If one of them is under stress, the other partner can massage, as it stimulates the senses and relaxes body and mind. Use aromatherapy oils for massage, as the scent gives relaxation to the body.

You can play soothing and sensual music in the bedroom. Music helps in diminishing stress and increasing sexual drive.

Use positive words in the bedroom, as they put really in the mood. If one of the partners is under stress, the other partner should help him/her to come out of stress. Both should share the problem with others, as sharing reduces stress and increases sexual drive.