Study: Sex OK For Men With Chronic Heart Failure

Sex may not be dangerous for men with chronic heart failure, despite fears that intercourse may place too much strain on their heart, a new review shows. The problem, however, is that many men with chronic heart problems may lose interest in sex as a result of the fatigue, depression, and the prescription side effects they often experience, as well as from fear of damaging the heart, researchers say.

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Men who have experienced heart attack are concerned while involving in sexual activities. Sex does not increase your chances of heart failure. In general, sex puts pressure on your heart just as a brisk walk of twenty minutes does or even less pressure than walking.

When sexual tension builds up, blood pressure and heart rate raises more. When you experience orgasm, your tension will be released. Your heartbeat increases from 90 to 145 minutes per minute. After you experience orgasm, your breathing rate, blood pressure and heart rate return to the resting level.

You can continue sex even after experiencing heart attack after consulting your doctor. If you are not ready to participate in sexual activities after heart attack, you can involve in other sexual activities with your partner.

Sometimes, sexual desire in men decreases due to the worry of heart attack or using medicines for chest pain, blood pressure and irregular heart beats. Therefore, in men, maintaining an erection becomes difficult due to these medicines.

Men with heart failure may be often depressed and sad. They may suffer from sleeplessness or have too much sleep. They eat too much or too less resulting in weight gain or weight loss. Men can take part in sex with healthy activities.

You can have healthy heart diet and exercise with medicine. If you smoke and drink alcohol, better to avoid for a better sex life. After heart failure, you have to take care of the sexual positions. Better sex positions can reduce pressure on the chest walls.

Follow the guidelines to have safe sex:

Men with heart failure can involve in sexual activities once the symptoms of heart attack are controlled.

  • Avoid sex immediately after having heavy meals.
  • If you are feeling tired or uncomfortable during sexual intercourse, rest for sometime.
  • Choose the time for sex when you are relaxed and free from tensed and stressful thoughts.
  • Indulge in sex in a peaceful and calm setting without interruptions.