Other Than Medications, The Most Helpful Sources For Asthma Treatment!

There are various medical treatments for curing asthma.

But, recently it has found that some complimentary and alternative approaches will also help in treating asthma.

Asthma can be recognized or predicted in children through the bacteria present in the throat.

Asthma treatment with complimentary and alternative approaches:

The alternative and complimentary asthma treatments range from performing breathing exercises to herbal remedies. The three most promising alternative treatments for asthma are:

  • Breathing exercises
    1. The buteyco breathing technique
    2. The papworth method
  • Yoga
  • Physical exercise

These alternative approaches of asthma treatment are explained as follows:
Breathing exercises: Your quality of life will be increased with these breathing exercises. These exercises will help to reduce the symptoms of asthma and also reduce the usage of medication needed to control asthma. In former Soviet Union, the buteyco breathing technique is used to control asthma. This technique will teach you to habitually breathe less and prevents hyperventilation (breathing too much).

This buteyco breathing exercises also includes advice about stress reduction, nutrition, usage of medication and relaxation, where as, the papworth method is the sequence of breathing and relaxation technique which involves diaphragmatic breathing (deep belly breathing). It is proved that this method will significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma with some evidences.

Yoga: The gentle exercises which will be done in yoga can help to reduce asthma. These exercises have been practiced for several thousand of years. There are various types of exercises present in yoga, out of all the breathing techniques, pranayama is the best asthma treatment and it will certainly help to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Further studies are needed to find out how yoga is helpful for treating asthma. Performing yoga on regular basis will help to relieve your stress and improve your overall fitness.

Physical exercises: You can be fit by practicing physical exercises daily, if you have asthma. By staying active you can control the symptoms of asthma and it helps you to stay fit & fine.

Your lungs will be strengthened and they don’t need to work hard while breathing if you stay fit by practicing exercises daily. While performing exercises keep in mind that the symptoms may get trigger in cold weather, in such cases wear a mask which helps to warm the air you breathe.

Throat bacteria will help to find out or predict Childhood asthma:
Researches found that if the bacteria is stored or colonized in the throat of a one month old infant, then the risk of persistent wheezing and asthma will be sharply increased in them. By this infection, weakened immune system will be formed and several breathing disorders will be obtained in them.

Innate immune defect will occur in infants due to the early bacterial colonization. This defect leads to the development of asthma in them. There is no particular treatment for infants to control the problem of asthma in them.

So, parents must follow proper measures for not storing bacteria in the throat of the children.