How To Deal With Arthritis At Workplace?

According to new study, a person with arthritis has limited their ability to work.

Arthritis is not just a problem in elders, but it affects people of all ages and adults. The lives of people change dramatically with arthritis.

Approximately 46 million Americans are affected with more than 100 different conditions of arthritis.

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which affects mostly elder people. Symptoms of arthritis generally include aching, pain, stiffness and swelling in joints.

Nearly seven percent of working adults in United States are experiencing arthritis related work place limitations.

Arthritis at workplace:

People suffering with arthritis are affected at workplace regardless of their jobs; jobs can be in offices, manufacturing plants, or people who work outdoors or in retail. Arthritis can impact significantly career aspirations.

Many people are giving up their breaks to complete their tasks, sacrificing their sick leaves and taking the vacation period to recover at home in order to continue working. In some people, stress, which is caused to cope with arthritis and work, can contribute actually to their illness.

Some people give much importance to their jobs than their health and therefore spend extra time at work place. Arthritis sufferers may don’t have the stamina to work like before they used to.

Arthritis sufferers – Finding the right career:

For a person with arthritis or arthritis related condition, choosing a career that is suitable is not easy. It is a process that involves matching the skills and desires with the business realities. Arthritis sufferer knows his own abilities and limitations.

Be practical, not unrealistic in what you can do and what you cannot. Control arthritis instead of arthritis controlling you. You should not feel that limitations are restrictions for you, but you can use those limitations as a guide to find the right career. If you are interested in certain occupation, but if it is not suited for you, consider other opportunities.

Easing Arthritis pain at workplace:

If arthritis is interfering with your job, you can make simple changes at the work place to ease arthritis pain and stress on your joints.

You can change physical settings at work place. You can ask for flexible hours that are convenient for you to work. Have scheduled rest periods at office and share your responsibilities with others.

Try not to do much work at one go; break the work and complete it. Do not overstress on your joints and try to distribute the load. Attend educational programs that are conducted for all ages to manage your symptoms.