Health News On 31 Oct 2007

  • New Brain Cells Listen Before They Talk
    Newly created neurons in adults rely on signals from distant brain regions to regulate their maturation and survival before they can communicate with existing neighboring cells—a finding that has important implications for the use of adult neural stem cells to replace brain cells lost by trauma or neurodegeneration, Yale School of Medicine researchers Report In The Journal Of Neuroscience.
  • Links Uncovered Between Fever And Living Fast, Dying Young
    Fever is an effective defence against disease, but new research suggests that not all animals use it when exposed to infection.
  • Brain Scans Of Obese Show Hunger Hormone At Work
    Giving the body’s natural appetite suppressant to morbidly obese volunteers de-activated their brain’s response to tasty food — and the new brain activity lasted for as long as the hormone was delivered, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.
  • Study Of Sexual Function Following Higher Doses Of Radiation For Prostate Cancer
    Recent advances in the delivery of radiation therapy for prostate cancer are fueling a new trend of providing higher radiation doses over shorter periods of time.
  • Brachytherapy Effectively Cures Prostate Cancer In Young Men
    Radiation seed implants (brachytherapy) are just as effective at curing prostate cancer in younger men (aged 60 and younger) as they are in older men, according to a study.
  • ‘Huffing’ Household Chemicals Connected To Teen Suicide
    With suicide as the third leading cause of death among adolescents in the United States, a new University of Denver study reveals inhaling or “huffing” vapors of common household goods, such as glue or nail polish, are associated with increased suicidal thoughts and attempts.