Health News On 08 Oct 2007

  • Hip Size Of Mothers Linked To Breast Cancer In Daughters
    In a study of the maternity records of more than 6,000 women, David J.P. Barker, M.D., Ph.D., and Kent Thornburg, Ph.D., of Oregon Health & Science University discovered a strong correlation between the size and shape of a woman’s hips and her daughter’s risk of breast cancer.
  • Babies Swimming In Public Pools Linked To Infections, Study Shows
    National Research Center for Environment and Health (Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres) found indications for an association between attendance of swimming pools in the first year of life and the frequency of infections.
  • A Shot Of Peppers May Halt Dental Pain
    Drooling after dental work may become a thing of the past, according to Harvard researchers who have developed a shot from chili peppers that appears to stop pain without numbness.
  • Thalidomide Therapy Helps Elderly Myeloma Patients Live Longer
    The drug thalidomide is making a comeback as a cancer fighting therapy and has been successfully used along with standard therapy to treat the blood cancer myeloma.
  • Good Dental Care, Not Antibiotics Best For Preventing Dental-Related Heart Problems
    Since the 1950s, the American Heart Association (AHA) has urged a sizable group of people to take antibiotics before having dental work or other procedures that might flood the bloodstream with bacteria.