World Heart Day, September 30th 2007

Today is world heart day. It is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of September. World heart day encourages awareness of healthy heart. Heart disease and stroke are the world’s largest causes, claiming millions of lives every year.

World heart day began in 1999 in an effort to create awareness and educate risk factors for heart disease and stroke in the public to promote preventive measures. World heart day activities include public talks, free screenings, walks, runs, fitness events, scientific forums and exhibitions.

The theme of the world heart day is to “Team Up For Healthy Hearts”. The aim of this day is to encourage people to join together and create heart-healthy communities.

Role of heart in daily life is: physically it beats 70 times per minute and plays an important role in body functions and mentally, it shows kindness, generosity and sympathy in nature.

The causes of heart diseases and stroke in people include obesity, cigarette smoking and food habits. Lack of physical activity and improper diet can lead to obesity and it in turn increases the chances of heart disease. Intake of fatty and junk foods in large quantities also increases the risk of heart failures.

Preventive measures can reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends:

  • To develop policies that ensures access to screening and counseling services for heart disease and stroke risk factors
  • To create worksite, school, and health care facility education programs
  • To have access to healthy environments for physical activities and healthy foods

The heart foundation advises all families to team up and talk about how to react when someone starts to experience warning signs of a heart attack.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining a healthy heart and prevents heart attacks and strokes. Choose a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of saturated fats, avoid smoking, alcohol and be physically active.

Follow healthy lifestyle for a Healthy Heart.

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