World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st 2007

Today is world Alzheimer’s day. World Alzheimer’s day is a day on which Alzheimer member associations concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about the realities of life with dementia.

Alzheimer’s associations are growing in size and number around the world as Dementia is becoming one of the greatest health and social challenges, which is often going unnoticed across the world.

Dementia affects 1 in 20 people over the age of 65 and 1 in 5 over the age of 80. Worldwide there are 24 million people with dementia according to the estimation. By 2040 the number will rise to 81 million. Individuals below 65 years also are diagnosed with this disease and medical practitioners refer these types of cases as “early onset of Alzheimer’s disease”.

World Alzheimer’s day events help to raise essential funds and awareness, which can help to:

  • Educate society to understand and accept people with dementia
  • Promote Alzheimer’s awareness so that people can understand the early dementia symptoms to seek help
  • Promote researching to develop better understanding and treatments of the disease
  • Provide information for people with dementia and their families for understanding and support
  • Train the staff and develop health care professional skills to diagnose and handle dementia.

With aging population around the world, dealing with the diseases that are common in old age is becoming urgent. Alzheimer’s is one of the most devastating diseases, as it involves not only the loss of memory but the decline in cherished bonds with family and loved ones, in fact with ones sense of unique personal history and identity.

There is no cause or cure for this disease [Alzheimer’s Cure]. No treatment can stop the deterioration of brain cells. But, there are medications to treat some of the symptoms. Currently FDA has approved drugs that temporarily slow worsening of symptoms in half of the patients who take them.

According to the studies, managing Alzheimer’s and dementia can improve quality of life for individuals and their caregivers. Managing the disease includes appropriate treatments, utilizing Alzheimer’s programs and support devices.

World Alzheimer’s day is a day of recognition for understanding how the diseases changes and affects individuals and their loved ones life. The theme of the day is to highlight on living and coping with Alzheimer’s.

Take part in the world Alzheimer’s day event and raise awareness to reduce the risk of the disease.

Here are some of the resources about Alzheimer’s that you can check it out: