Ways To Prevent Leg Cramp Due To Muscle Pain!

When people get older, the most common problem from which they suffer is leg cramp.

The term cramp is used to illustrate different pains, but generally it is used to refer a painful tremor of the muscles.

You can find many causes for leg cramps.

Some of them include: dehydration, diabetes, pregnancy, alcohol use, lack of potassium, prolonged sitting, muscle overexertion, neuromuscular disorder, and some medications.

Most of you are overwhelmed by leg cramp.

If you experience leg cramp, you can get relief by making some simple steps. They include:

  • Gentle walk on the affected leg
  • Massage the affected leg muscles
  • Take a hot bath before going to bed
  • Apply a cold pack to the inflated muscles

Night leg cramp is also a common problem from which most of you suffer. If you experience severe and frequent leg cramp at night, you should talk with your doctor. In order to get relief, you need to do some simple things like:

  • During the day, drink as much fluids as possible
  • Before going to bed, stretch your leg muscles [Stretching exercises]
  • Consume adequate potassium in your diet

Preventive ways to reduce leg cramp:

  • Stretch the muscles prior to going to bed.
  • Don’t drink caffeine in the evening.
  • Increase the intake of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin.
  • It is better to sleep on your back.
  • Drink tonic water, as it contains quinine.
  • Ingest a teaspoon of yellow mustard.
  • Drink the mixture of water and baking soda.
  • Pour salt into your hands and lick it.
  • Stay hydrated during your work hours.

The most recent method to prevent leg cramp is using a bar of soap into the bed. Soap releases something into the air that is beneficial to dispose this condition. It is beneficial to use the soap in your bed sheets when you suffer from noctural leg cramp.

Home remedy in treating leg cramp:

If your leg cramp is due to stressed muscles from nutritional deficiency, it can be treated successfully through diet. Follow the diet plan which contains all the essential nutrients.

Your diet must include seeds, nuts and whole grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits. The stress should be on calcium and magnesium rich foods. You can get these nutrients by eating green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, particularly apricots, and soured milk products.

The greatest source of calcium include: vegetables, cereals like millet, oats, rice, sesame seeds, beans, milk and homemade cottage cheese.

Avoid eating large amounts of citrus fruits from your diet, particularly those fruit juices, meats and excess of grains, especially wheat, as all of them are deficient in calcium. The best cereals for relieving leg cramp due to muscle pain include millets.

Use Vitamin C and E in large doses which are beneficial in treating leg cramps caused by muscle pain due to oxygen deficiency. Vitamin E helps in the circulation of blood in the legs.

This diet approach will greatly help you in relieving from leg cramp.