Top Blog Posts Of The Week

  • Spouses of Cancer Patients Suffer Emotional Distress Too
    It is common for a cancer patient to show emotional distress, but a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found out that spouses of cancer patients suffer emotional distress too.
  • The Right Foods can Counteract Drug Side Effects
    Everyone of us will take prescription drugs at some or the other point of life. As, we know that no prescription drug is free of side effects. So, let’s find out how the right foods can counteract drug side effect.
  • Women Less Likely to Change Habits that Increase Heart-Disease
    One of the main causes of heart diseases is our lifestyle habits such as smoking, over eating, etc. It has been found by researchers that women don’t change these habits as often as men, even when they have relatives with heart disease.
  • How Watching TV is GOOD for your health
    Watching TV is always related to bad health. But a recent study revealed that watching tv is actually good for health. It actually depends on what you are watching.
  • Garlic Linked with Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer
    Colon cancer is the secong killer in United states. There are many alternative methods that can work effectively against cancer. One such alternative medicine is Garlic, which can reduce the risks of Colon cancer
  • Liberal & Conservative Brain Differences?
    Some people are liberal and some people are conservative. Brain of a coservative person works differently, when compared to a liberal person. David Amodio, the primary investigator of provocative research covered by the Chicago Tribune has revealed the Liberal and conservative brain diferences.