Some Food Additives Raise Hyperactivity, Study Finds

Common food additives and colorings can increase hyperactive behavior in a broad range of children, a study being released today found.

It was the first time researchers conclusively and scientifically confirmed a link that had long been suspected by many parents. Numerous support groups for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have for years recommended removing such ingredients from diets, although experts have continued to debate the evidence.

But the new, carefully controlled study shows that some artificial additives increase hyperactivity and decrease attention span in a wide range of children, not just those for whom overactivity has been diagnosed as a learning problem.

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Food additives are added to foods to carry out specific functions like preserving foods, appearance of foods, enhancing the taste of the food and enhancing the flavor. If the food additives are approved, they are awarded as “E”. If there is ‘E” on the food packets, then it is accepted as safe. Food labels give information about additives so that the consumers can read and purchase the product.

Food additives can cause behavior changes in children even in those who do not have the history of hyperactivity. Not only the food additives and artificial colors cause ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), there are other dietary substances that influence on a kid’s mental state and behavior.

What ever you eat determines your blood composition. The blood composition determines your brain functioning. When your child eats processed foods which contain artificial colors and additives, the toxic chemicals are introduced into the bloodstream. The chemicals enter the child’s brain and alter the functioning of brain. If the child is diagnosed with “ADHD”, the toxic chemicals alter the behavior of the child and make him restless.

Some people reported changes in mood and other reactions after consuming the additives. The other problems such as lack of concentration, allergic reactions and temper tantrums are noticed in people who consumed food additives.

The main problem here is that adults and children do not try to recognize the root cause of the problem, but they simply recognize it as a disease and start treatment with drugs. Therefore, the treatment begins with medicines rather than changing the diet.

The solution for this problem is simple; you need to change the diet of your child. You need to educate your child about the food additives and artificial colors and their effect on their health. Parents of all children need to ban the advertisements and unhealthy products to children because these products can cause obesity and hyperactivity in children.