Health News On 29 Sep 2007

  • FDA Puts Stop To Cough Medicines For Children
    Government health officials on Friday gave drug companies until Oct. 31 to stop making and selling any unapproved medicines labeled for use by children younger than 6 that contain the painkiller and cough suppressant hydrocodone.
  • New Type Of Drug Shows Promise In Attacking Melanoma In Innovative Way
    An experimental drug that attacks cancer in an entirely new way has shown promise in treating advanced melanoma, delaying progression of the disease and prolonging the lives of patients.
  • One In Six Americans Have Never Had Their Cholesterol Checked
    Despite the much publicized link between cholesterol and heart disease, one in six Americans age 20 and older – almost 36 million people – have never had their cholesterol levels checked, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • Occupational Therapy Is An Effective Way Of Improving The Daily Life Of Stroke Patients
    Occupational therapy can improve the lives of patients who have suffered a stroke and lessen their chances of deteriorating, according to a study published on the British Medical Journal website.