Childhood Vaccine Is Good For Treating Whooping Cough!

Pertusis is another name for whooping cough. There are 30-50 million people suffering from this condition around the world and even deaths also.

Most of the deaths occur in young infants due to whooping cough.

The main cause for these deaths is due to unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated conditions.

The correct dose of the vaccines is necessary for complete protection from whooping cough.

Treating the Child with whooping cough:

With whooping cough vaccines: The booster shot is required for the protection from the first shot against whooping cough. The series of vaccines during early childhood can prevent the condition.

This is rarely a life-threatening condition in adults. It not only prevents severe cough, but also prevent adults form spreading the infection to the children. According to recent studies, all 11 and 12 year old children must be given a dose of whooping cough vaccine as a combined formulation with tetanus and diphtheria boosters.

Effect of improper tests while diagnosing whooping cough:

Due to the false test results, thousands of people take antibiotics unnecessarily. Typically this disease is a fatal bacterial respiratory infection.

In order to get correct diagnostic test results for whooping cough, it requires a week or more to grow the pertusis bacteria from a sample from your nose to throat.

Whooping cough vaccine for adults:

This vaccine acts as an immune booster which acts against whooping cough in combination with tetanus and diphtheria. This is good for adolescents and adults between 11-64 years of age.

Adacel is a vaccine for this condition and is a Tetanus Toxoid (T), Reduced Diphtheria Toxoid (d) and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (ap), Adsorbed. This vaccine contains the same compounds as in daptacel. Boostrix is also a vaccine for whooping cough used for adolescents of 10-18 years age.

Home cure for children with whooping cough:

It is a commonly affected condition in infants during the first year of life. Most of the causes for this condition occur in children up to five years. Children up to 12 years may also be affected.

  • Good child care is very important for the prevention of whooping cough.
  • Keep your child in well ventilated room away from others.
  • Dress your child with loose cloths.
  • Give plenty of liquids in coughing episodes. For example, orange juice is suggested.
  • After curing the severe symptoms, place your child on an exclusive diet. Restrict your child for milk and fresh fruits for few days. Give fruits like apple, orange, pineapple and papaya with a cup of milk sweetened with honey.
  • After the recovery, follow a regular balanced diet for your child.
  • Give syrup of garlic in doses of five drops to a teaspoon two or three times a day for treating this condition.
  • Ginger also acts as an effective remedy for whooping cough.
  • Give the syrup prepared from a fresh raddish with an equal amount of honey and a little rock salt.
  • Use of almond oil is also good for treating the condition. Give this by mixing with 10 drops each of fresh white onion juice, daily three times.

This diet plan helps in preventing whooping cough in your child and is also good for you.