Beware Some Cosmetic Treatments Carry Health Risks!

No surgery is risk free, but if the treatment is taken in the hands of experienced surgeon, the complications can be minimal. If you are going to experienced surgeon, he or she will screen carefully to determine whether you are physically and emotionally fit for cosmetic treatment.

The cosmetic surgeon asks you to stop medications before surgery which can promote bleeding. Before stopping medications, you should consult the doctor and take the permission whether you can stop the medicines and proceed for the treatment. Your surgeon provides pre and post operative instructions to minimize your risk of complications.

According to a consumer group in the UK people who undergo some cosmetic treatments put their health at risk by going out in the sun too soon.A survey conducted by ‘Which’ found there are more than 3,000 unlicensed and unregulated outlets in the UK currently offering treatments such as laser hair removal which can cause scarring or blisters to skin which is exposed to the sun soon afterwards.

The consumer group says many people are not aware of this and people considering laser hair removal need to ensure that the clinic is licensed and the practitioner properly qualified.

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With laser hair removal, you can have temporary side effects and permanent side effects. Chances of developing side effects depend on your skin and body condition.

Temporary side effects:

Laser hair removal can cause temporary pain during and after the procedure. Local anesthetic can be used to alleviate the discomfort during the process. Pain relief medications can be used for pain. Swelling can cause at and around the area that was treated. Depending on the area, side effect can be more or less. Topical treatments are prescribed by the practitioner to relieve from swelling.

Redness is the primary symptom that occurs after laser hair removal. Blistering is the worst and temporary side effect that occurs with laser hair removal. Hyper-pigmentation is a side effect which involves temporary darkening of the skin.

Permanent side effects:

Skin discoloration is the permanent side effect that occurs at the treated area. It can be severe and damaging. It can be either lightening of the skin or darkening of the skin.

Scarring occurs when you take the treatment with untrained person or with over treatment. Burns are rare side effects that occur during the treatment.

Laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women as it can damage the fetus. The treatment can develop fever blisters on the upper part of the lip. Therefore, before going for laser hair removal, you should consult the doctor to know whether it is harmful for you or not.