Your Iron Deficiency Can Lead To Anemia!

There are various types of disorders that your body can be affected if you have deficiency in proteins, calcium, minerals, iron etc.

Anemia is a disease that is caused due to the lack of red blood cells (RBC) in your body. The liquid made with various cell types is known as blood.

Deficiency of iron, hemoglobin percentage or RBC in the blood leads to anemia.

Red blood cells are the main cells that deliver oxygen to the whole body. If you are suffering with anemia you will have the low blood count and you will be named as anemic.

Anemia can occur due to the loss of red blood cells as production of RBC is slower than it is required and your body can be destroying RBC.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most important anemia that will be seen in the teens. This will occur due to the lack of iron in your blood. This anemia will be mostly seen in teens. Iron deficiency will be caused when the percentage of iron in your body is reduced.

This is the first step that leads to anemia. The continuous iron deficiency will slow down the production of hemoglobin in your body and leads to anemia.

The person who is suffering with anemia will appear pale and tired all time.

Symptoms with anemia:

  • You will have general weakness.
  • You look pale with the loss of RBC.
  • You will have irregular heart beat.
  • You can feel the shortness of breath.
  • You will get chest pain.
  • You will have the dizziness or giddiness.
  • You will have the cognitive problems.
  • Your hands and feet will be cold.
  • You will always feel headache.

The diagnoses of anemia will be done as follows:

Anemia can be diagnosed with blood test. The diagnosis can also be possible by seeing your medical history and physical exam. The symptoms of anemia will be mild and it cannot be diagnosed easily. Most often anemia will be discovered unexpectedly with blood tests for other problem.

By testing hemoglobin percentage, you can find out whether you have anemia or not. Your hemoglobin percentage should be between 11- 15. Less than this percentage can lead to anemia.

Your anemia will be treated according to the deficiency:

The treatments will be done depending on the cause, type and severity of anemia. Anemia can be treated by goals of treatment. In this method, the capacity of the oxygen carrying blood will be increased. This will be done by increasing your RBC count or percentage of the hemoglobin in your blood.

By dietary and nutrition supplements also, anemia can be cured. The anemia which is caused by the deficiency of iron or vitamins will be treated with nutrition and dietary supplements. Iron is needed to your body in order to produce hemoglobin.

If you have iron deficiency, you have to start eating meat daily. Other foods such as spinach, peanut butter, peanut, almonds, eggs, dried fruits such as apricots, peaches and raisins are the good sources of iron.

You should also take the food that contains vitaminC, vitaminB12 and folate acid in order to increase RBC in blood.