Use Of Insulin Pen May Save Diabetics Thousands Of Dollars

Diabetics who need to switch from oral medications to insulin could reduce their annual healthcare costs up to $17,000 by using an insulin pen instead of a syringe to deliver their daily dose of medication.

A new study found that using an insulin pen may result in fewer trips to the emergency department and to the doctor’s office, resulting in substantial savings to diabetics and their insurers.

“For one, there is less chance of getting the wrong dose of insulin,” said Rajesh Balkrishnan, the study’s senior author and the Merrell Dow professor of pharmacy at Ohio State University. “Diabetics who use syringes must carefully measure their insulin, so there is a risk of getting too much or too little.”

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Insulin pen delivers insulin, which looks like a large pen. It uses insulin cartridge and disposable needles. Insulin pens are easy to use.

Insulin pen types:

There are different types of insulin pens that fall into two categories: disposable pens and reusable pens.

Disposable pens: It comes with insulin filled and can be thrown once it becomes empty. There is no need to load the cartridge. But, these pens cost more than reusable pens and cartridges.

Reusable pens: Reusable pen should be loaded with insulin cartridge. Cartridge gives enough insulin to last for several days of injections depending on the dose size. When the cartridge becomes empty, it should be reloaded with new cartridge. If it is maintained properly, reusable pen can be used for many years.

Screw the pen needle when it is loaded with cartridge. Clear out the air if needed in the cartridge. Desired dose is dialed and needle should be injected. Once the needle is injected, press the button to deliver the insulin. The needles of the pen should be removed after each use for preventing the air to enter the cartridge and to prevent leakage of insulin.

Pens can deliver little doses of half unit to dozens of units. The insulin dosage depends on the prescription of physician.

Insulin pens have many benefits. They can be easily carried and can be used anywhere if the person is away from home. There is no need to draw the insulin from the bottle. Dosage dial makes it easier for diabetic patients to deliver correct insulin doses.

The patient should follow guidelines in using insulin pen. Hands should be washed before using the pen. Insulin should be checked whether it is expired or not and whether the doctor prescribed the same one or not. Attach the needle to the pen according to the directions.

Insulin should be mixed well by rolling the pen between the hands. After using the insulin pen, store it according to the directions given.