The Inflammation In The Bowel System Can Lead To Crohn’s Disease!

There are group of diseases that causes inflammation in the bowel system. Those diseases are known as inflammatory bowel diseases. Crohn’s disease is one among the group that causes inflammation in the digestive system. This disease was named after the physician who found this disease.

Crohns disease can affect in any part of the body from mouth to anus, but it mostly affects in the lower part of small intestine. This lower part of small intestine is known as ileum. Crohn’s disease primarily causes ulcers in the small and large intestines. These ulcers will break the lining of small and large intestine.

If you are affected with crohns disease, then your digestive system will be swollen. You will get diarrhea and severe abdominal pain as an indication of this disease.

The Following Causes Will Lead To Crohn’s Disease:

There is no particular cause for this disease. The doctors will say that, this disease will be caused because of the inflammation in the bowel system. The inflammation in the bowel system usually runs in families. Some times this crohns disease will occur as heredity.

The risk of the crohn’s disease will be increased by smoking and this disease more likely affects the people who take low fiber and high sugar in their food.

Symptoms that can affect the person! The symptoms of this disease will vary from one person to another person. They will depend on the location of ulcer and severity. The most common symptoms of this crohns disease are:

  1. You will have diarrhea.
  2. You will have severe abdominal pain. You can feel the cramping.
  3. You will have lot of bleeding. You can notice dark red blood in your toilet bowl. If bleeding of your blood is high then it will be considered as severe case because unusual loss of blood will lead to anemia.
  4. You will get ulcers in the affected area. In some cases you can get ulcers in your mouth.
  5. You will have unusual weight loss. You will lose lot of weight in short period of time.
  6. You don’t feel hunger or interest to eat. You don’t feel the taste in your food.
  7. If you have severe crohn’s disease, then you can have high fever and you can faint.
  8. The children who have crohns disease will be lacking in growth. The growth of the kids will be not normal. They will have delayed growth.

Treatment for crohns disease! There is no proper known medical cure for crohn’s disease. You can reduce the signs and symptoms of this disease by therapies. Doctors will prescribe anti inflammatory medications in order to cure this disease.

The anti inflammatory drugs used for treatment of crohns disease are salicylate preparations (these drugs will be related to aspirin) and steroids (such as gluco-corticosteroid type). In some severe cases the drugs which suppress the immune system will be used or surgery will be done to remove the infected part of the bowel.

So, if you take high fiber and low sugar in your food then the chances of getting crohn’s disease can be reduced.