Is Restless Leg Syndrome Making You Hard To Sleep?

Do you feel uncomfortable while you are sitting or lying down? Your condition can be restless leg syndrome (RLS).

This is a neurological disorder that makes you feel like getting up and moving down. When you do like this, you will feel some relief from restless leg syndrome.

Ten percent of people around the world are suffering from restless leg syndrome and 20 million people only in America have this disease.

Both men and women can get restless leg syndrome and it can start at any age and the signs get worse as you grown-up.

This syndrome can cause sleep disturbances and you will feel tired and drowsiness at daytime thus making it difficult for travelling. So, it can also be called as “sleep disorder”. This condition often arises in the evening or at night.

The exact cause of restless leg syndrome cannot be identified in most patients. Sometimes restless leg syndrome can cause from anemia, iron deficiency, nerve disease, obesity, pregnancy, smoking and toxins in your body.

There are two types of restless leg syndrome. One is primary RLS, the most common type of RLS. Still, the cause is not known for primary RLS. As the time goes on, symptom of restless leg syndrome get worsen and also occur very often.

Secondary RLS is caused by some other disease or situation. Sometimes, taking certain medications can also cause RLS. When your condition gets improved the symptoms also disappear.

What makes your restless leg syndrome more severe?

  • Not sleeping well and waking up at nights is often due to some genetic reasons. But, how the genes affects your condition is still not known. More than 65 percent of adults bear the gene disparity that can lead to symptoms of restless leg syndrome.
  • Another reason for restless leg syndrome is iron deficiency. In pregnant women, sometimes iron levels can decrease. Those are at a higher risk of developing restless leg syndrome. But after giving the birth to the child, the symptoms will disappear.
  • During the menopause state, most of the women will experience this syndrome, because the disease is also associated with iron levels. During menopause iron is depleted and can cause restless leg syndrome.

How Restless leg syndrome can be identified?

  • Insisting your limbs to move with or without sensations
  • Symptoms will become worse at rest
  • Improvements in your condition with some activities
  • Symptoms get more severe in the evening or night

Treatment for restless leg syndrome:

The treatment for restless leg syndrome gives relief to your legs, but it should be followed regularly.

  • Leg massage greatly helps you in getting relief. But the relief exists only at the time of massaging, once it is over the symptoms will come back.
  • Do some exercises like walking upstairs and jogging. But don’t do strenuous exercises as they can make your symptoms get worse. Practice running, forward standing knee lifts and arm swings.

Before going to practice these exercises, check with your doctor. If you are healthy, you can do two minutes of intense exercise to increase your heart rate up to maximum. You can also swim and practice yoga to get relief from restless leg syndrome.